About Us

The Shapiro Law Group was founded in 2017 by David Shapiro and is a boutique transactional law practice. Our goal is to provide the institutional quality representation typically found at large law firms, infused with the entrepreneurial spirit, attentive service, and nimble representation made possible in a smaller boutique firm setting. Drawing on the training and experience gained in some of the preeminent law firms in the country, we take extreme pride in our work product and rely on quality, timeliness, and efficiency to deliver legal services that consistently exceed expectations. Our core focus and area of expertise lies in complex commercial real estate transactions.

We believe in the maxim: Do one thing, and do it well. Our concentration on commercial real estate transactions has allowed us to develop the sophistication necessary for the complex transactions in which we are routinely involved. We are always mindful of our client’s underlying business objectives and our clients look to us for pragmatic advice and trust us to bring the appropriate resources to meet the challenges they face.